Educate all Airmen on the preservation of USAF heritage and benefits. Bring Chapter 102 forward as a visible force of positive action through giving back to our Airmen and their families, Veterans and the Local Community

Areas of Focus:

  • Membership: Educate All Airmen
  • Legislative: Preserve the Heritage and Benefits Veteran Retiree Outreach/Civic Affairs/Military Affairs/Projects: Give back **Airmen and their Families--Membership Appreciation, Scholarships, ALS Awards, Conference Attendance, Annual Awards
  • Veterans: Armed Forces Retirement Home Volunteering, Honor Flights, partner with VFW/American Legion, etc.
  • Local Community: Assist a homeless shelter once a month, working with other chapters on goals, etc.

AFSA Chapter 102

Who We Are
One powerful voice.  Over the past five decades, the Air Force Sergeants Association has built a reputation as a stalwart advocate for Air Force enlisted members, past and present, and their families. 

What We Do
Protect those who serve, and have served. AFSA represents its 110,000 members by advocating for their interests to America‚Äôs elected and military leaders.  As a federally-chartered Veteran Service Organization, AFSA is able to lobby on Capitol Hill on behalf of its members.

AFSA Chapter 102 Goal

Who We Are

Joint Base Andrews, MD 

Founded: 1961

AFSA Core Values: Integrity, Patriotism, Service, Fraternalism 

AFSA Vision Statement: The professional military organization of choice for Air Force enlisted.